Collecting on past due balances for medical practices is not something that all collections agencies can do. This requires fellow professionals who respect the delicacy of the doctor-patient relationship. A medical practice collections agency must collect the debt in a way that doesn't harm the doctor-patient relationship in the future.

TeleRecovery Is That Agency

We are that professional collection agency. For more than 25 years we have served many health care clients in Kenner and throughout the Southeast, including those with medical practices.

Our professional staff is bonded and well-trained in all the regulations affecting our field, including HIPAA guidelines and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We also rely upon the most innovative of collections technologies, allowing us to collect your money fast and efficiently.

Other Benefits Of Working With Us

Other Benefits Of Working With Us

Other benefits of working with us include:

  • Personalized management of your account throughout the entire collections process
  • Assistance with workers' compensation and medical liens
  • Comprehensive and timely reports
  • Payment promptly following recovery
  • Reports going to all three major credit bureaus
  • Acting as your in-house collections department

Sometimes You Need To Litigate

There are certainly times and situations where litigation is your best and only remaining option. At TeleRecovery, we can provide that, too, with our long-standing relationship with experienced litigation and collections attorneys at Kottemann Law Firm in Kenner.

For all of these benefits, you pay only a competitive commission.

Need Help With Your Past Due Accounts? Call Us.

If your medical practice needs help with collecting on past due accounts, or needs litigation help from a collections lawyer, we can do that. Contact us, TeleRecovery, either online or by telephone, locally at 877-888-8307.