Slow-pay and no-pay accounts drag down any company's bottom line, especially for financial institutions. Because it is not only the specific amount of money involved-in a check, for a student loan, for example-but also are there fees and accumulating interest to recover.

If your financial institution has past due accounts that need collecting, let us help. We are TeleRecovery, the collection agency for financial institutions.

For More Than 25 Years, Helping Financial Institutions Collect Debt

For More Than 25 Years, Helping Financial Institutions Collect Debt

TeleRecovery has been headquartered in Kenner for more than a quarter century. We have adapted to many changes over that time, but one thing that has never changed for us is our commitment to our clients.

Your past due accounts will be collected by our dedicated professionals who are continually learning. And as a collection agency for banks, we follow best practices, such as strict adherence to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Some of the collection work we do for our financial clients include:

  • Student loans
  • Private loans
  • Bank fees
  • Auto repossessions through our attorneys at the Kottemann Law Firm

As with all of our clients, the benefits financial institution clients also receive include:

  • Fast and efficient collection of your money
  • Performance-based fees
  • Detailed and prompt written reports
  • Receiving payment promptly following the recovery
  • Personalized service of your accounts, from beginning to end
  • All major credit bureaus kept up-to-date through our regular reporting

If You Would Like Help-Or More Information-Contact Us

To get help or to find out more, please contact us either online or by telephone, calling locally at 877-888-8307.