Educational Collections

You, as an educator, provide a very valuable service, one that enables a person to succeed professionally and personally. And as a provider of that service, you deserve to get paid, especially when it comes to collecting on a past debt.

But how do you manage that, when you have so many other students to teach?

You call on the education collection agency, TeleRecovery.

In The Business Of Education Collection For More Than 25 Years

In The Business Of Education Collection For More Than 25 Years

Established in Kenner more than 25 years ago, TeleRecovery serves education clients like you throughout the Southeast.

Like you, we take education very seriously. In our field that is a must, because regulations change, collection techniques improve-the landscape is always shifting. So at TeleRecovery, our experienced and dedicated staff members are always learning. You can be confident that the service you receive from us is always our best.

We deliver these services with integrity, such as our strict adherence to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Who Are Our Education Clients?

Our education clients include:

  • Large universities
  • Private colleges
  • Community colleges
  • Educational franchises
  • Private tutors
  • Learning centers

For some of our clients, to their surprise and delight, we have been able to collect on debts that were 10 years old.

Benefits As Our Education Client

Some of the benefits you will receive as our client include:

  • Personalized service for your collection accounts
  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • A competitive, performance-based fee structure
  • Regular updates to the three major credit bureaus
  • Our clients are always paid promptly following recovery
  • Access to the collection and litigation lawyers of Kottemann Law Firm

Need To Collect Student Debt? Call Us. We Can Help.

If you need to collect past due tuition, fees or unpaid student loans, call us at TeleRecovery. Our services are broad, from simple collection to engaging an experienced collection litigation attorney. Contact us either online or by phone locally at 877-888-8307.